The story of a Photography duo

Tony and Katie are both Tucson residents who have had a love for photography since they can remember. Katie was brought up admiring her father's love for a camera and documenting all important moments in life. She vividly remembers being a child and being astonished by her father's rich images of India and his travels in Europe. As an adult, her love for photography grew as she moved to Costa Rica and was able to learn quite a bit about destination wedding photography. She also attended school for Photography and enjoys shooting film and working alternative process photography- specifically Cyanotypes.

Tony grew up in the Tucson area and received his first camera at an impressionable age. His major focus has been Landscapes, as Arizona has an abundance of stunning views. He uses his love of the land in his portrait and wedding work, and this definitely shows. Though both Katie and Tony have both done much work independently, they have joined forces to make an unstoppable photography team.

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